Why Hire Us

Personalized Planning & Design

Our clients inspire us to create a design concept that reflects their personal preferences, but we take it one step further by refining that vision and bringing it to life. In the end, the result is nothing short of magical.

Exclusive Privileges

Our extensive industry experience provides our team with exclusive privileges and access to some of the finest venues, photographers, floral designers, calligraphers, and rental companies in the wedding and events industry. We pass these privileges on to our clients.

Our Sustainability Promise

Living and working in Aspen means that our community is a direct extension of our business. For this reason we practice environmentally friendly approaches whenever possible. Planning for your special event does not have to come at the expense of the environment. Upon request, our team is happy to provide our clients with a personalized plan to “green your event.”

When we say we believe in everyone’s right to party, we aren’t just quoting the Beastie Boys. We stand behind it. Here at Bluebird Productions, we know the most beautiful moments in human history happen when people join together in celebration. Our differences are what make life so beautiful, and joy is our greatest common denominator. We are proudly in the business of embracing diversity and creating joy. If you share our values, we’ll see you on the dance floor.