There are two short but true sayings: Time equals Money and Knowledge equals Money. Bluebird Productions is here to save your well-deserved time and provide you with our knowledge. We will advise you on vendors who provide the best quality products and services for the very best prices, so you don’t have to spend hours comparative shopping. We will assist you with budgeting your event and will help you stay within your budget. We can show you creative ways to cut costs but still keep the same desired look. Let us show you that an event coordinator can work to your best financial advantage!

We are here to keep your planning focused and to keep you and your event organized. When you contract an event with us, we will propose a timeline with specific dates by which to complete all tasks for your event. We will send you weekly or monthly updates as needed until the event has arrived. We will keep track of your various inspirations, proposals, contracts, and your budget to keep you organized!

An event is like a giant puzzle. There are many pieces that can fit in many different ways. Planning an event can take an enormous amount of time; for people who work full-time, extra time is something they simply do not have. When planning an event from afar, the puzzle is even more complicated. The numerous vendors and venues for an event can seem overwhelming. Our longstanding relationships with vendors will ensure that you end up with the relationships and products that you are looking for and not just what a website might show you. Why not leave it to the experts? We love taking the puzzle pieces, playing with them, and presenting the masterpiece to you!