A Recent Aspen Elopement and Why We Love Elopements

This year we had the pleasure of producing Kathleen and Corey’s elopement in Aspen. The intimate celebration was actually the first outing the Florida-based couple had taken since quarantine began. Prior to the end of September, they had essentially stayed in their home, just the two of them. So it was a big deal—not only to get married but to be out and about.

Because of the circumstances, the couple wanted a small celebration at a private location. Kathleen had seen a photo of the Smith Cabin and its sprawling views in a magazine and fell in love. Their outdoor ceremony was officiated by Reverand Jill Pidcock, and documented by Laura Murray and Red Mtn Productions. Kathleen carried a bouquet by Prema in shades of white and sage green, and as she grew up with snapdragons in her garden, she was so excited to see those included. All in all, it was a stylish, elegant, and intimate way to get married and begin their marriage!

While we love planning weddings of all sizes, there’s something really remarkable about the intimacy of an elopement and the focus on the couple’s union. Also, an elopement limits some of the anxiety and pressure that is sometimes associated with larger weddings and can be a great option for many because of that. They also offer more time for authentic and intentional moments and connections, which is important during such a milestone in life and during a year such as 2020.

With the pandemic, many family members and guests are unable to or uncomfortable with travel. Additionally, gathering sizes across the country (and internationally) have been drastically limited, so couples cannot move forward with their larger weddings as originally planned. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait to tie the knot. Whether it’s just the two of you and the officiant, or you’re joined by a few loved ones, you have far more options of where the event can take place. So why not choose a place that’s meaningful to you or a setting with a stunning view that only requires a small footprint of space to host the celebration.

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