Bluebird Productions’ Favorite Engagement Rings

We really love jewelry here at Bluebird Productions, and in the spirit of engagement season (did you know nearly 40% of couples typically get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day?), we’re sharing some of our favorite styles of engagement rings and a bevy of amazing jewelers to check out.

Because jewelry comes in so many styles and hails from so many eras it’s a great way to showcase your personality. There are so many options whether you’re opting for something new, designing from scratch, hoping to go more modern, or incorporating a family heirloom.

Some rings we’ve recently lusted over are seen above.

Ali’s swooning over a graduated band of 27 baguettes (bottom right) and the very Kate Middleton-esque sapphire and diamond number.

Emily’s always loved a halo setting and this Tiffany & Co. “Soleste” style is no exception (top left)—or that eight-prong solitaire with a yellow gold band (top right) from Fred Leighton.

Krista’s dream ring (she’s going big) is a nearly 7-carat emerald-and-diamond combination by Harry Winston.

Jessica loves Art Deco style rings, particularly the symmetrical designs and layered geometrical shapes. She prefers white gold and platinum, and the Filligree Jewelers ring (bottom left) combines all of that beautifully, as does the old European-cut one from Erstwhile Jewelry.

And Virginia’s love for antique jewels is unparalleled—she has a vivid memory of seeing the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian at age 8 and has been hooked ever since. Even though she considers her overall style more contemporary. With that said, she loves a wide variety of styles for engagement rings. Since it’s something you wear every day, she’s particularly fond of something classic like a solitaire or a three-stone ring with a larger center stone and baguettes.

We love following both David Warren of Moussaieff and Frank Everett and Benoit Repellin of Sotheby’s to see some of their favorite once-in-a-lifetime finds and to learn from their bounty of jewelry knowledge. But if you’re looking to source your ring directly from the seller or a storefront here’s a round-up of some of our go-to’s:

So, are any of you recently engaged and sporting some new jewelry on your ring finger? Tell us about it!

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