How We Build Our Dream Teams

We’re thrilled to share that Sloan and Scott’s wedding is being featured on Carats & Cake this week, detailing how the team came together. While every wedding’s vendors are chosen specifically for that event and that couple, we thought we’d share a bit more about how we kick things off once we’re brought on board to help shape the celebration.

Depending on where the client is in the planning process when they hire us dictates our first move. Most of the time our brides and grooms have a rough idea of the general location and time of year they want as the foundation of their big day. For Sloan and Scott, they knew they wanted a destination wedding in Crested Butte, Colorado, but had an open calendar and didn’t have a specific venue in mind. Our first goal is to get a sense of the couple’s aesthetic and wedding preferences and how much they’re looking to invest in their wedding weekend. With that, we pick appropriate venue options.

The quickest we’ve ever planned a big wedding was three months (check that one out here), our average couples spend 8-9 months, and the longest we’ve spent planning was 25 months. No matter how long you have to plan though, once you have the venue secured, we start with the same two vendors: photographer and entertainment. We like to tackle those first as they have a limited number of engagements per year and are only able to do one wedding per weekend. They also often impact the budget in a big day so we like to know that early on and plan accordingly.

Then it’s on to stationery and any basics we need for remote site like a private estate before even starting to design the event. We really like to get to know our couples so we can propose people to work with that will fit their styles and preferences. We want them to be excited to collaborate and get married, with a dream team behind them to make it all happen.

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