Fall in Aspen, What’s Not to Love?

Of course there are plenty of things to love about Aspen every month of the year, but there’s something truly special about it in the fall. And right about now fall is totally in the air. The colors here are so vibrant and encompassing in late September—though we only get the yellows and golds, no red leaves for us in this part of Colorado—the light is warm and golden, and of course there’s always the chance of some unexpected snow. Many of our couples choose to take their cue from Mother Nature and use the season’s color palette to set the scene for their big day, while others really play it up in the floral and foliage. But it’s not just about looks. Don’t forget you can incorporate the feeling of fall with lots of cozy candlelight, seasonal flavors for your food and beverage, and touches of velvet or a dramatic sleeve that might feel out of place in the middle of July. No matter how much of autumn you incorporate into your wedding, there’s no denying it’s such a great time to tie the knot in Aspen.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite fall wedding moments here and can’t wait to create many more.

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