The 6 Components of the Ultimate Aspen Wedding Weekend Welcome Bag

While we love to travel the world to produce events, we also love celebrating our home town of Aspen, Colorado, as the destination so many of our couples choose for their wedding weekends. Brides and grooms choose to tie the knot here for plenty of reasons, and because they love the location, we often celebrate its local flavors and offerings in the welcome bags given out to guests.

It’s always so fun to curate each bag (or basket or box) so that it greets the various guests that come to town over the year. Working together, the final mix of ingredients varies, but here are the six items we always suggest to our couples:

1. Aspen Kettle Corn
2. Jen’s Café Bars
3. An Altitude Kit
4. A Kemo Sabe Fur Koozie
5. Osmia Organics goodies
6. A baseball cap with the 81611 zip code

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