Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Really Feel Like You

One way to unofficially measure the “success” of a wedding is how many guests leave at the end of the night thinking “that was so them.” Weddings are about two unique people finding one another and committing their lives and their love to each other. And those people and their personalities should be infused throughout the day and the details any chance possible. At Bluebird, we love finding out what makes our couples tick, what brings them happiness, who they are, and any tidbit about them that will make their celebration one-of-a-kind. Here, a few of our favorite ways to inject personal touches into your big day:


Illustrate those special elements.

Whether you choose an illustrator to create your entire stationery suite, or just a fun accent piece, you are ultimately commissioning a work of art, so make it count. One of our couples tapped Happy Menocal to paint what mattered most to them on their paper goods: their dog, Penny. Their beloved pup held a rose to tie in to the heavily floral theme of the wedding, even though she wasn’t there herself on the big day.

Curate the soundtrack.

If you’re music lovers and everyone knows it, set the scene from an audial perspective. We worked with a couple who chose a 16-piece orchestra from New York Virtuosi to play during dinner but then had a raging DJ play late into the night.

Get Verbal.

Wedding invitations can be super formal and follow all the etiquette rules. But if you’re more laid back or witty, go that route instead. One of our couples was a pair of actors who shared a great sense of humor. That wit shone through in they way they handled the text on their invitations. And at their reception, the signage by their polaroid guestbook also instructed guests to “Snap It. Stick It. Sign It!” as a way of keeping all printed pieces fun and lighthearted.

Eat/Drink it up.

Consider the five senses when brainstorming ways to make your day your own. Sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. Consider that last one when developing your menu, which can hold a lot of significance. Perhaps your cocktail hour appetizers echo the cuisine of a country you visited on your first trip together. Or maybe your late-night snack is pizza because you shared a slice on your first date. We had a bride who chose the signature cocktail based on a long-standing recipe used during family vacations to Fishers Island, New York.

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