Outdoor Ceremony Setups That Wow

Most of our couples choose to get married outside and we love them for that. The great outdoors have so much beauty to offer, and we relish any opportunity to use nature as a backdrop for an entire wedding day… starting with the ceremony. The key to an outdoor ceremony—particularly one with a view—is to complement the environment while simultaneously framing the couple. Everything has to work together harmoniously without competing for attention. The end result often takes our breath away and also wows the guests. Here, some of our favorites from over the years:

And though outdoor ceremonies are often the way to go, it’s always wise to have a backup plan should Mother Nature throw you a curve ball. Sourcing umbrellas, blankets, hand-warmers, or parasols is a great way to keep guests comfortable. Serving hot beverages will keep everyone extra cozy if the weather is on the colder side. And sometimes just being flexible and possibly delaying the ceremony start time until any inclement weather passes is well worth it.

Photos by James x SchulzeRachel Havel / Heather Payne / Lacie Hansen / Ashley Sawtelle / Tec Petaja / Rachel Havel 

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