8 Tips for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

Ah, getting ready on your wedding day is definitely a special moment. With all your friends and family around you and with all their varied many personalities, getting ready can get more than a little chaotic. Here are a few tips to make sure your day goes smoothly from start to finish.

1. Eat! With all the excitement it can be easy to overlook this very important detail. Put one of your bridesmaids (or planner) in charge of snacks and make sure a proper lunch is delivered to the getting ready area.

2. Stay hydrated! Again it’s so easy to not drink water and then throw in a little alcohol, and things can quickly go south. Bring straws so you can sip easily without smudging your lipstick.

3. Something old, something borrowed, something blue. How about blue shoes for your something blue? And for jewelry, perhaps a family heirloom can serve as both your something borrowed and something old?

4. We love a good dress shot! On your wedding day pick somewhere high to hang your dress and take it out of the bag to let any wrinkles fall out. Your veil will likely need a steam, so make sure to put a trusted bridesmaid on that task!

5. Display your bling! We recommend getting your ring professional cleaned before the big day. And to display it,  we love a vintage ring box like this one, or of course The Mrs. Box is also a great option.

6. Fabulous Shoes vs. Comfort. While your shoes may start out looking and feeling great, we all know 6 hours in 6″ heels will suck the fun out of any event. Consider having a backup pair of wedges at the reception stashed so you can slip into them easily and enjoy a pain-free reception.

7. Clutch for the essentials: Most bridal purses are tiny, so what should you include? We recommend chapstick, lipstick, mints, and extra bobby and safety pins.

8. The flowers. Your bouquet will likely be delivered to you a vase with water. Make sure you have towels to throughly dry the stems so they don’t stain your dress. And beware of lilies or mock orange, their bright yellow pollen will stain!

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