Chic Welcome Bag Ideas

The majority of the weddings we plan are destination weddings and we love helping couples put together chic welcome bags to set the tone for the wedding. The essentials? Maps, logistical information for the various wedding related events, as well as local sight seeing tips are some of the basic items we like to include. Bottled water, snacks ranging from our favorite potato chips, to candy, to speciality local food are a few of our favorite go-to’s. We also like to include a few emergency items, like band aids, needle and thread and so on. For the actual bag itself, we’ve had custom silkscreened totes made featuring the couples logo, to simple boxes accented with a sprig of eucalyptus, to a wire basket with items wrapped in gauze. Custom totes can be made by your paper goods designer or Etsy has some great options as well. Our of favorite welcome bag details had to be the “ski lift” tickets we had made which contained all the pertinent wedding information.

To get the welcome bags to guests, we work closely with the hotels where we’ve blocked rooms for guests. The hotels can tell you how many guests are staying with them and can distribute the welcome bag when they check in. What will you including in your welcome bag?

Photos: 1 & 2: Jessica Loren 3: Andonye Jaja 4: B. Schwartz 5: Leila Brewster 6 & 7: James and Sclutz 8: Tec Petaja 9 & 10: James and Sclutz 11 & 12.  Lucky Malone 13. James and Sclutz 14. Ashley Sawtelle

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