The Tradition of Wedding Cakes

We love the tradition of the wedding cake and it’s one of our favorite ways to add a personalized detail to the couple’s wedding day. In ancient times, the cake was broken over the bride’s head to bring fortune and fertility to the couple. Stacking or tiering cakes date from medieval times as the couple had to have a successful kiss over the stacked cakes for good luck.

For this couple’s Aspen wedding they chose a decidely simply cake with gold leaf accent and structured flower by D’elissious Cake Studio.

Of course, we knew this wedding would have a spectacular cake, since the bride also owns Megan Joy Cakes! Here she used the lace pattern from her dress as inspiration and paired it with kumquats made from sugar.

Clean and modern were what this couple wanted for their wedding day. D’elissious Cake Studio created a simple, round cake with a marble texture. Right before the cutting we added sparklers for a memorable cake cutting moment.

This couple chose a small, tiered, naked cake and accented with blush flowers by Megan Joy Cakes.

And finally, a traditional white wedding cake, with white roses embellishing each tier.

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