Wedding Makeup

Every bride wants to look amazing on her big day so Bluebird Productions has spoken with Christine from Full Circle to bring you the top 6 wedding makeup tips.

Tip #1: Begin with a wedding makeup consultation and be sure to set up a trial no further than 2 months from your wedding date. During the consultation some important things to discuss are your current make up routine, what look you want for your wedding day, the location of your wedding, time of day, colors and theme of your wedding, and most importantly your wedding dress.

Tip #2: Start prepping your skin the moment you know you’re getting married if you have skin conditions that need to be addressed. You should get a facial 2-3 weeks out from your wedding and make sure not to have your face or brows waxed right before your trial or wedding day as your makeup will not easily blend. However, make sure your eyebrows are groomed at least 1 week prior to your wedding day. Finally, get plenty of rest and do some gentle exfoliation every day for glowing skin.

Tip #3: For your trial, wear a button down shirt as close to the color of your dress as possible and have your veil and jewelry available if it is already picked out. If you plan to tan your skin or have a spray tan applied for your wedding day, make sure you have it done for your trial as well. Exfoliate the night before your trial, and if you have chapped lips, apply Aquaphor or original Blistex cream the night before, as well as the morning of.

Tip #4: If you use any eye cream, be sure to use only at night. Creams need your sleep time to absorb fully to work its best during the skin’s rejuvenation process. If you also use an eye product during the day, try serums or rollers. These products absorb fast and provide great results without creasing after makeup application.  Do not try any new skincare products to avoid any reactions within 1 month of your wedding date.

Tip #5: On the morning of your wedding day – Stay hydrated, keep SPF on your skin prior to your wedding and most importantly, drink plenty of water. Exfoliate your lips by using a washcloth and lip balm after you shower. This will help your lipstick stay on longer and create a smooth surface for application. If you happen to have any pre-wedding pimples, do not pop them but use Visine to take the red out instead.

Tip #6: On your wedding day – Show up with a clean, moisturized face. Bring lipstick or lip gloss for touch-ups during your big day and purchase some blotting papers to take down shine for photos. Most importantly, make sure you communicate with your make up artist what you like and don’t like so she can ensure that your wedding makeup looks amazing on your big day.

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